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Our Story

Our story begins in the fall of 2019 when Emma, our daughter, and Rebecca, also known as Mom, decided to participate in the Chandler Woods Charter Academy’s Fall Craft Show. As our son, Zach, listened to the conversation he spoke up and said he did not want to be left out. The only problem with his desire to participate was that he had no idea what he was going to make, so the family brainstorming began. We all agreed that food would be the best idea, especially handheld food and that is when Emma suggested the idea of cake pops. “Cake pops,” I asked, what in the world were cake pops and then the research began....

Meet The Team


The Haiglers

Hi! We are Rebecca and Zach, a mother son team (Dad also helps out!). We work together making our delicious and fun cake pops! Zach bakes all of the cakes and makes all of the buttercream while I do most of the decorating. We hope you enjoy our cake pops!

Sponsored by Mom & Dad

Mom decorates and Dad bakes!

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